Lori Kats ~ Singer-Songwriter

Healing hearts one song at a time
Born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii, Lori now lives in Eugene, Oregon. Her music reflects all the different genres that she grew up with in the islands: folk, Hawaiian, classical, pop, rock, etc. When she wasn’t surfing or playing on the beach, she went with her Dad almost every Sunday to listen to her mom play violin in the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. Now she can’t help but hear a cello in almost every song she writes!
Lori also performs as part of the popular duo, Left Turn Only. They play a variety of venues up and down the I-5 corridor in Oregon, from Portland to Ashland, and have been known to perform as far south as San Diego, California. Their wide-ranging music includes haunting ballads, touching love songs, and upbeat, guitar-driven numbers. Their harmonies are what really pull people in, touching the center of a listener’s heart.
As a child, I loved music. Id listen to my albums over and over, acting out the guitar solos and singing all the parts. For most of my life, the guitar has helped me release the feelings and music locked inside. I never thought I’d be a songwriter, but here I am…writing songs!”
Lori Kats

From The Inside

By Lori Kats