Lori’s sophomore album, From The Inside, reflects the many facets of her life: from relationships, to life on the road, to discovering her true passions in life. It also proves that the years between her two albums gave Lori fertile ground for looking inside and writing new songs. 

Lori has put together an outstanding CD of well written songs that are skillfully and thoughtfully produced and arranged. The fine instrumentation adds a brilliance that does not distract from the gentle heart touching lyrics and passion that comes from the core of this singer-songwriter. She not once falls into the easy trappings of overproduction and lets every word reach out and grab you. The CD is filled with harmonies that will warm your soul. From The Inside  is a delightful CD.

Jay Howlett

Endorsing artist and dealer on Breedlove guitars, Blah Blah Woof Woof Music and Media

Your lyrics and music touch my very soul. You know just how to reach inside someone’s heart and touch it with your song.
Pat Crow

Energy Practitioner, MS, Counseling, LMT

This CD creates a perfect blend of reflection, soulfulness and fun in both the music and lyrics, as written and performed by Lori Kats. From The Inside  is a testimony of Lori’s love of life, her journey within, and of the inspiring insights she generously shares in the softness of her sweet and beautiful music.
Jan Willard